BIL24 web widget customization instructions.


You can fully customize your copy of the widget, and your changes will not be lost after the update. To do this, you must strictly follow this simple instruction.

The main general rule

You should only make any changes to the /custom folder. Only such actions can guarantee the correct result.


Add styles

Add your new styles to the /custom/style.css.
You can also add any folders to the /custom/styles folder. For example, to include fonts or images.

Override or remove styles

If the default styles conflict with your styles, you can override them by copying the /styles/core.css file to the /custom/styles/core.css and making changes to it.


Add scripts

Add your new scripts to the /custom/script.js.

User events tracking

We have compiled a selection of the most interesting custom events and made it possible for you to assign custom event handlers to them. Examples: /custom/script_default.js.

JS code to the head tag

You can also add js code to the <head> tag. For example, to place a counter code on the page. To do this, you need to add your code (wrapped in a <script> tag) to the /custom/include.php.

HTML templates

You can override some HTML templates. Just copy the template from /templates to /custom/templates and upload your changes to it.


The template files contain important scripts that affect the functionality of the widget.

Directory structure: